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Morocco’s King Mohammed VI will unveil landmark reform proposals likely to include curbs on his wide-ranging powers in a nationwide address Friday that comes after widespread demands for reform.
The king’s speech will be broadcast on television and radio from 9:00 pm (2000 GMT), the palace said...

  • 2 New visit of the king Mohammed VI to Abu Dhabi
  • 3 King Mohammed VI,Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum meet in Abu Dahbi
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The general consulate of the kingdom of morocco will accept information from resident of the emirate of Dubai, Ajman, Al Fujairah, Oum Alqawin ,Sharjeh and Rass Alkhaima only.
The consular Administration has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant.
Submitting the following document, while required, does not guarantee issuance of a visa
 Tourist Visa:
 Business trip Visa:
 Visit visa for the Moroccan spouse’s family
 Visa for the maids
To download visa form, click here
To download all information about visa, click here
To download other document, click here
Please be informed that it may take at least 7 days to get your Visa
Civil Status

A person’s civil status is his or her name, filiations and marital status. Acts of civil status exist for birth, marriage and death.

The document required for the Civil Status:
 Birth Certificate.
 The full version of the birth certificate of the father and mother.
 The original marriage contract + copy.
 A copy of the passport of the father and mother.

Note: The accompanying certificate of the father is necessary for children who are born of mixed marriages.


The Consular Registration is a voluntary act, initiated by the individual interested in such registration, which will be processed by the Consulate.

Consular Registration, allows the National Citizen abroad to be known to the Consular Representation.
The document required to the consular registration:

 Original passport + copy the first 3 pages + Residence.

 Birth Certificate.

 A photograph.


All Moroccan nationals, regardless of their age, are entitled to a biometric passport, unless prohibited by a Moroccan court decision.

The biometric passport’s requirement :

 Original passport + copy the first 3 pages + Residence.
 The original ID e-card + copy.
 2 photographs 35 × 45.

Note in case there is Lack of the ID e-card, you must provide a copy of the receipt of the national ID card + Birth Certificate.

Passports for children under 12 years:
   Certificate of Registration
   A Birth Certificate
   A copy of the passport of the father
   A copy of the marriage contract
   2 photograph
Note: the father certified approval in his absence and for children born of mixed marriages

Children more than 12 years:
   The national ID card
   Certificate of Registration
   A copy of the passport of the father and mother
   The marriage contract
   The consent of the father in the case of mixed marriages or absence of the father Moroccan

Certification of the documents:
  The original document approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco, the national ID card or passport

Documents issued by the UAE:
   The original document approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE
National ID Card

To renew your CNIE, to get a duplicate CNIE (in case your card has been lost or stolen), or if you are applying for a CNIE for the very first time (at age 16), your presence at the consulate general of the kingdom of morocco is mandatory for a new set of fingerprints.

 Certificate of Consular Registration.

 A Birth Certificate not exceeding 3 months expired.

 3 photographs 45 × 35 gray background.

 The national ID card.

 A4 yellow envelope.

Contact Us
Consulate General of The Kingdom of Morocco in Dubai Jumeirah 1, street 8A, Villa No 3 – backside of Dubai Zoo, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  Phone: +(971) 4 349 6355
  Fax: +(971) 4 349 6388
You can also:
Call us at: 4 349 6377 and dial the following extensions:

 Services  Extension(s)
Secretaire de Mr. le consul general  
Consul general  
Agent comptable  
Section Visa  
Section Egalisation  
Carte Nationale  
Section Passwort  
Please help us serve you better by leaving your name and phone number. If your call is not answered promptly, please understand that we are assisting other applicants, either on the phone or in person.

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For more information please refer to FAQ

Ahmed Ismaili Alawi

Born in the city of Meknes

Academic course
1976: He holds a Baccalaureate of Arts Division of the modern high school in Moulay Youssef - Rabat
1976: Joined the University of Mohammed V
1980: degree in law
1981: first year of the Graduate Diploma of Private Law
1987: Diploma of Merit of the Diplomatic Institute in Cairo.


1980: Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation:
Directorate of Legal Affairs and international treaties - in charge of international treaties
1981: First Secretary - Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, the Sultanate of Oman:
Charge d'Affaires ad interim of two years
1985: Advisor to the Directorate of Press and Media
1986: head of the ordinances of the city ....
President decrees on behalf of the Department ... years
1993: Assistant Director ......
1994: Consul General (Dijon), France
2001: Consul General (Lille) in northern France
2006: Head of General Palmvcheh
2009: Consul General in Dubai and Northern Emirates so far


National Order of Merit from the Premier League
Order of Merit of the German officer class
Order of Merit of the Kingdom of Denmark Knight
Order of Merit Officer of Portugal

Counselor activities

Ahmed Ismaili Alawi

We seek to promote the dissemination of culture and cooperation between the two countries
Ahmed Ismaili Alawi Consul General in Dubai, Northern Emirates, the initiative launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to open the Moroccan consulate in Dubai along with the embassy in Abu Dhabi, is an important step in the interest shown by His Majesty for the Moroccan community residing abroad, and very careful to overcome all the obstacles that impede the delivery of services to the children of the community ...

And see Consul General to Dubai occupies a prominent place on the world map thanks to the remarkable achievements that have been made good on its territory, based on the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Ahmed pointed out in Alawi to the work carried out by Consulate and services offered to the children of the Moroccan community, and various multi-most important quest to promote the dissemination of culture and cultural Alanaaon between Morocco and the UAE

Lettre of The Conselor

Mr. Ahmed Ismail Al Alawi

  The Consul General, Mr Ahmed Ismail Al Alawi emphasized that King Mohammed the VI initiative to have the Moroccan Consulate in Dubai alongside with the Moroccan Embassyin Abu Dhabi is a very important step forward showing the importance that His Highness grants his expatriate subjects and demonstrates his concern to make sure that all the difficulties that they might encounter in their lives are made easy for them through the different services that the Consulate provides.

  The Consul General considers that thanks to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai directives’ that the emirate of Dubai has earned an outstanding worldwide class and managed to have a name on the world-map owing to some breathtaking achievements that its blessed land has witnessed.

  Mr Ahmed Al Alawi has underlined the fact that the consulate operates and offers a variety of services to the Moroccan expatriate community and amongst the most important things that the consulate is keen on providing is it work towards promote both culture and cultural cooperation between Morocco and UAE bearing in mind that culture is the corner stone that can help develop the world communities and can contribute into bridging the gap between them.

  The Consul General mentioned that the Ministry in charge of the Moroccan Expatriate Communities will organize in UAE a cultural week the agenda of which will include many events which will feature and introduce Morocco through its magnificent civilization and rich history. The cultural week will as well shed light on Morocco’s tourism asset that constitutes a national wealth with its natural and historical capital.

  The Consul General stressed that the consulate will make sure to develop cooperation and promote furthermore the exceptional relationships between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United Arab Emirates in a variety of areas including culture, knowledge and economy. He added that these relations constitute a wealth and deserves to be paid tribute to as they go back in time to the first moment when both late King Hassan II and Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan established its starting point and later their journey on this pathway was carried on by their blessed sons His Highness King Mohammed the VI and Hi Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

  Regarding the Moroccan Expatriate Communities Minister’s visit to UAE, the Consul General expressed his extreme satisfaction and happiness about it and mentioned that it came in response to His Highness King Mohammed VI instructions, who grants his expatriate subjects a particular attention and looks after them and encourages them to come back to their home country. This shows the extent to which the King loves his people and on the counterpart the people love for their King and country. The Minister of Expatriate Communities confirmed that UAE is number one in comparison with other countries as far as the number of highly qualified Moroccans and executive women who are playing a significant and important role socially, culturally and economically in the Emirates.

  Mr. Ahmed Al Alawi praised educated Moroccan women who are working in a wide range of fields and who are promoting a good image about their mother country and who are widely respected despite what is being circulated via media means.

  “This is my third experience as a Consul. I have had a first hand experience in a similar position in Europe and I am fully aware of our fellow Moroccan citizens problems” said the Consul General “I am ready to put myself entirely at their service and be a good listener. And I urge all Moroccans to take contact with us by visiting us in our offices located in Al Jumeirah and we will be there to help, assist, and communicate with them in order to find out solutions to all kinds of problems that they might be faced with.”

  To conclude, the Consul General welcomed any Moroccan expatriates’ initiative that would serve the Kingdom and he expressed his willingness to discuss any project or any good program and support it and take the necessary administrative measures on both side either from the Moroccan Kingdom side or the United Arab Emirates one.

Ahmed Ismaili Alawi

Morocco and Dubai
A memorandum of understanding was signed last Thursday between the Moroccan Centre for Export Promotion (Morocco Export), and Dubai Export, to strengthen the bilateral trade and economic cooperation...

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The Moroccan community in the United Arab Emirates has more than doubled. The profile of Moroccan expatriates in this part.           
Moroccan nationality
Is Moroccan, the child born of a Moroccan father and Moroccan mother or If you wish to settle and Deitkm according to the new...                           
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